Synapse Knockout Tournament 2020

Read the rules and information carefully. This will be updated from time to time accordingly. Any important updates on this will be shared on the Synapse Facebook Page. Dates, Times, Password creation method will found here.

  • The registration process is over. So, if you are not a registered contestant, the information is not for you.

  • Total 383 Participants have registered. See the list

  • Round-1 was held on 25 February, 2020 at 10 pm. We will let you know about Round-2

  • See Match-ups of Round-2 here

  • In Round-1, seeds from [1-128] have played against the rest of the seeds Randomly. See Results of Round-1 here

  • In Round-2, top half will play against bottom half randomly. The seed was total number of solved problems which is (71 + 131 + 64 + 38 + 15 + 3) = 322. Code for deciding match-ups for Round-2

  • Random generation seed for Round-3 is [total number of solve count in Round-2]

  • Your synapse email is [codeforces_handle] So, if your handle is "Z0RR0", then your synapse email will be ""

  • You will get different passwords for each Round. Your password for a certain Round is [secret_key][salt]. Let's say, your secret_key is "abc1234ABC" and salt for a particular round is "extra", then your password will be "abc1234ABCextra".

  • salt for Round-2 will be given here later.

  • So, for the Round-2, the user Z0RR0 on codeforces having secret_key "abc1234ABC" has to login with this credentials. email: and password: "abc1234ABC[salt]"

  • Right now, you should be able to login. Loging will be disabled after end of a particular contest.

  • Contest will be hosted on this platform. Synapse OJ

  • Here is some extra unnecessary information. If you think you have forgotten your secret_key, please check on your codeforces account because you have shared your secret_key from there. If you find any problem, you can text on our Facebook Page, but you should go through the posts regarding this tournament. Unnecessary texts will not be answered. Join in Synapse Community Facebook group and post your issues there so that other people can help you with that.

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